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A real fun and easy way to learn fast how to play the ukulele with the ukulele buddy videos

If you like to play your favorite songs with that cool ukulele sound then you must try this great course for learning ukulele by video lessons. You will learn fast end easy and This is the only 100% video-based method that enables you to play your favorite songs by strumming along with three 7-minute videos per week. You will get better faster, because the videos use the PROVEN principles of Deliberate Practice. With the 100% play-along videos, you'll have fun and you'll develop good habits, because we'll play together and practice together every step of the way.

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  • The lessons are suitable for all the different sizes of ukuleles and when you buy the complete beginner's ukulele course, you get over 10 HOURS of video instruction
  • You'll master all the easy must-know chords for playing your favorite songs. You'll also discover the tricks for moving from one chord to another, effortlessly and smoothly that will give you that "pro" sound.
  • After you're done with the strumming lessons, you'll really be able to make your little ol' uke sing with a sweet tone. No more botched notes or buzzy chords!
  • With the Lessons You'll Learn You'll Be Able to Play ALL the Styles! Pop, Rock, Blues, Country, Soul, Gospel, Folk and Reggae!

Here is just a fraction of what you'll learn:

  • Rippin' the Roof Off the House - With Just One Chord!
  • How to Play Your Favorite Songs by Ear & with Ultra-Simplified Uke Tabs
  • How to Wow Your Friends in a Casual Setting
  • The Must-Know Chords
  • Locking It Down With a Solid Sense of Rhythm
  • The Most Popular and Easiest Strumming Patterns
  • Strumming Along with Other Musicians
  • Funky Reggae Grooves
  • Awesome Brudda Iz Strumming Pattern
  • Twelve Bar Blues
  • How to Write Songs with Your Uke
  • How To Tune
  • Right-Hand Muting
  • Ukulele Picking
  • Groovin' Surf Song
  • Playing for Your Own Enjoymen

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